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World of Water Regina

Water is a necessity for everyday life: it quenches our thirst and replenishes our body. With such important tasks, it is vital to drink pure water.

Our water is pure, great tasting and a pleasure to drink.

At World of Water we offer two types of water to best suit your needs. We have Dewdrop steam distilled water and Prairie Dew reverse osmosis water. Each is made from a fundamentally different process, both resulting in outstanding quality and great tasting water.     


When we say “the purest water possible” we are very serious. The secret is in the process which ensures very pure water. The steam travels through a six-chamber distiller, is re-condensed and turned back to water, the water then travels through two carbon filters and finally through an ultra violet light which results in over 99% purity. If the municipal water gets contaminated, you won’t have to worry about our steam distilled water; distillation eliminates viruses, bacteria and parasites that might be in the water. Dewdrop is worry free water.

Prairie Dew:
The reverse osmosis process itself involves pushing the water through a membrane filter at high pressure to get as many contaminants out of the water as possible. Our Prairie Dew reverse osmosis water is put through an ultra violet light post treatment and comes to you at a very reasonable price. Quality Most people get their water from the household tap. This water originates from lakes, rivers, streams, and underground sources. The water goes through a system of cleaning at the local water treatment plant. However, because of a lack of funds to provide the necessary technology, many harmful pollutants and water borne diseases may be present in the finished treated water.

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